Monday, October 15, 2012

Montly Close, Quarter Close, and Business Plan

Yikes have things been crazy busy in my neck of the woods...

Work has been crazy with September's month end financial close, which is also a quarter close.  We top that off with a first pass round of business plan, and wow have I been working a lot.

Bonus = I have earned back my Dec 26th vacation day.  YAY!

Prior to all this madness, J & I stole away to Grandma & Grandpa P's for a quiet weekend of relaxation.  We ended up chucking it FULL of fun activities.  When we got home on Sunday, I seriously felt like I'd been gone a week, instead of just two nights.  We participated in Home Depot's first Saturday of the month activity - building a fire truck.  We went to a pumpkin patch.  We fed fish.  We went to Olga's (mommy's favorite).  We even did some "Elf" shopping for his upcoming arrival after Thanksgiving.  So excited about that.

During close, I needed to kill time one night after work, as J was getting to sleep late.  Daddy doesn't agree with bed times, but then again, he thinks mommy gets up to early.  I didn't want to disrupt him as he was finally getting to sleep.  As it was, Miss Cheryl still had to put him to sleep by 6:15 (at J's request) the next day for him to be in good spirits on Friday of last week.  Mr. M was shocked & amazed at how early he wanted to go to sleep.  But we figured out, losing an hour to hour & half on Wednesday night, then another hour on Thursday morning (as daddy left the shower to me in the AM), is a good chunk of time for such a little boy.

Anyway... I grabbed J's costume for Halloween.  He was so excited.  He just loves Halloween.

That's another thing we've done - decorate the house.  :)

I love to see the delight in his eyes as he explores and checks out all the decorations.

I love him so much. 

We rounded out last week, with mommy working the weekend.  J was delighted with the overnight trip to Grandma & Grandpa M's.  He was so funny, he was leery of going on his own, and made sure he had my permission to call me if he decided against staying there.  Of course I granted it, but I was certain this was all unnecessary.  I was right...  When I called around 7:15 from work to say goodnight, he was having so much fun he really couldn't be bothered with talking me long...

They spent the day at the zoo (in the rain no less), then by a house decorated for Halloween, rounding out their evening with a movie (Hop) and a pumpkin craft.

Yesterday afternoon, a tired monkey & I joined his classmates to celebrate a 5th birthday.  It was fun, but I admit to being happy we survived on excitement.  Then I bribed him with Panda for dinner to get through grocery shopping. 

For another post, but I have to admit - I realized on Sunday during the party - I've become Mrs. M.  For so long I was me... Then I became Me +... Yesterday, as J introduced me by "Allison", I had to correct him that I was "Mrs. M"  EEK!!  I've become my mother-in-law... This is so weird... I was Ali P for so long, then I was Ali M.  I never related in terms of Miss, Ms, or Mrs anything.  To be Mrs. M seems so foreign to me.

We finished, ate dinner - did our shower & crashed out within seconds at 7:30.  He was so bushed...

Oh - and we started reading "The Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Treasure Hunt"... We giggled through the first chapter... Perfect for a little boy who loves those stinky bodily functions & pirates... Sigh.

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