Wednesday, October 17, 2012

1st Spelling Test


These are the words of flashcards and intense memorization happening in our home this week.

On Friday, J has his first ever spelling test.

Mrs. Kaiser tested out each of the kids, and will be quizzing them - and by extension, their parents - every Friday to enhance their learning at the individual child's speed. 

Her letter home said each child has his or her own individual list.  Some children are still working letter recognition & sounds, some are working on two letter words, and some are working on sight words.  I'm guessing by J's list, he is on sight words, at least for this week. 

The fun is in getting him to focus long enough to memorize these words.  I've finally gotten *the* mastered, but only when he is willing to look & focus as opposed to *shouting out an answer, any answer just to get mommy to stop & let me do what I want to do*... Sigh...

Any tips would be much appreciated...

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