Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Spring Break Pics part 2

After spending day 1 of Spring Break at the White Sox home opener.  Then day 2 {cold} fishing as the big outing of the day.

Day 3 was welcomed with the Sun shining and smiles all around.  Spring fever was in the air, and getting outside was the order of the day.

But it was a little cold, so Miss Cheryl & J took time to build a site word book for J out of his Highlight's magazine.

He's so proud!

 Then they made some jiggle jello to make shapes out of later.
 J loves helping in the kitchen.
 Followed by burning some energy on the trampoline.
 Then bubble mowing.
 Followed by bikes... then... then... then...

Needless to say, J wanted to do every.single.outdoor activity he owns.  Fresh air and outside play made him one happy boy.

He was so proud of the heart cutout - it had to be the dessert he got after dinner.

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