Wednesday, June 5, 2013

dipping my toe in...

It's been entirely too long since I've graced this page.  Or anyone else's for that matter. 

I've been disconnected.  From a lot of things.  Focusing on family.  Focusing on love.  Focusing on living in the moment.

Leaving little room for me to give of myself elsewhere. 

Especially as work has been filled with special projects, staff changes, and normal run of the mill analysis. 

Upside is... Life style changes I started slowly last year are taking roots.  J is starting to engage in them.  I'm feeling better than I have since I went off birth control in 2006.

So much of life has changed.  So much of life is better.  Richer in spirit.  In love.

Big highlights...

I'm 37 today.  I'm having a horrifically hard time with it, and have yet to figure out why.  May have to do with the two stray gray hairs I randomly found.  :(

It may have also to do with the fact my Junior Kindergartner is no longer a JKer.  He's officially a Kindergartner.  He's reading.  He's excelling at soccer.  It was suggested Matt & I move him to the U8 league for the fall. 

We're not.  But it blew our minds that it was even suggested. 

Just as we were blown away he was invited to the older kids summer soccer camp at FRA.  A professional soccer player from Brazil is hosting it, and the school's soccer coach personally invited J.  It was only after we waffled on signing him up, that I learned he was one of very few his age invited.  She expressed her excitement we were signing him up because he shows potential already & interest. 

He's growing into his own little person.  His face when he sits down to read a book (Old Hat, New Hat being the most recent), and able to read the whole book with very little help on my part creates such pride on his face. 

...So I'm here... I hope to get back here more.  So many things to get caught up on for J.  So many memories I need to log for him.  His trophies.  His good-bye to Miss Cheryl.  His spelling test record.  Our field trip.  Upcoming fun things... Grandpa's new fishing boat. 

I wish I could stop time, so I wouldn't miss anything today, while playing catch-up on yesterday.

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