Tuesday, June 18, 2013

FINALLY... A visit from the Tooth Fairy

And 24 hours of ZERO thumb sucking.

We started the day off like any other week.  Yep, tooth is loose, but still firmly attached.  Band-aids on thumbs, as we were working on curtailing the daytime enjoyment.

Explaining to Jacob why it was important to stop sucking his thumb, reading a cheesy book on it that put the power in the child to stop & we launched into a positive start towards ending the comfort habit. 

While snacking yesterday at his summer babysitter's, his tooth really knocked out of place.

Delight & joy!
 After looking in a small mirror, J decided he wasn't up for pulling it... So another chomp into the apple.
 Success!!!!  A bloody gap & tooth firmly in his hand.
 Smiles & celebration were had!!!
 Mommy even found the special Fairy case that Grandma P had bought in preparation for this big day!
 He was so serious putting it into the case.  He was so afraid of losing it & the Tooth Fairy not coming to visit.
And yet he was so proud as well.  He is just growing up too quick.

This morning, J woke up with both sock on his arms, and once awake was ready for the add on of the band-aids to his thumbs.  All this took a back seat though, to celebrating he slept in his own room ALL night AND his snapping to action... Case checked - tooth gone.  Under the pillow check... SCORE!!! 

We like the Tooth Fairy.  J is ready for her to come back & visit again.

Sadly, with the way his other bottom center tooth is wiggling - I'm thinking that will happen sooner rather than later.

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