Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Date Night - Uncle Jon & Aunt Kim

Around Christmas time, Uncle Jon & Aunt Kim expressed a desire to have J come for an overnight after school got out for the year.  They wanted to time it around vacations & Kim's niece & nephew J walked the aisle with last fall.

So minor things like - Grandma P coming home from Florida for the season were not to interfere with this overnight.

J was so excited.  He talked, and talked and talked about this FOREVER.  Until, we were on our way that is... Then he wasn't so sure & just wanted to go home.

Aunt Kim & Uncle Jon handled it smoothly & J never thought about it again.

He thought snakes (thankyouforthatJon) to toss, forts to build, fun to be had by all.
As for Daddy & me... We had a bit of a fun night ourselves - Thank you Aunt Liz for scoring us tickets!  June 8th was one for the record books!

And with the WIN - proving I'm not a jinx.  Finally a Chicago team likes my attendance.

Even if it was a nail biter - double OT - sudden death goal.

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