Thursday, June 6, 2013

Wrap up Spring Break pics... Good bye Miss Cheryl

As the school year wrapped up, we learned Miss Cheryl & Mr. Brian were looking at moving.  We are wishing them the best of luck.

While also mourning their departure from our family.

2 years ago when I was looking for a nanny for after school, sick days, and Holidays, I had no idea what a find Miss Cheryl would be for us.  After months of searching, several interviews that where I was either less than impressed with my options or simply stood up, I found this candidate from Michigan.  Total win.  She was graduating with her early education degree, and marrying her fiance.  She couldn't start until fall.  We didn't need someone till fall. 

Perfect fit.

It ended up being more perfect than I could have even imagined. 

Miss Cheryl helped us with tutoring J after school.  Helping him develop study habits.  Helping us develop bedtime routines that encouraged independence in falling asleep.  Removing mom's guilty heart over working.  She replaced my guilt with sanity - freedom. 

Mr. Brian would join Miss Cheryl on full days, which J simply loved.  He adores all older males who play with him.  Mr. Brian fit the bill the perfectly. 

J will surely miss them. 

As will we...

But thankfully, Miss Cheryl shared pictures to keep the memories close to our hearts.

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