Monday, April 8, 2013

White Sox Home Opener

Daddy lucked out.

Big time.

I doubt next year will be so lucky, but a mommy can hope.

See, daddy announced to J - with ZERO discussion with Mommy - the boys were starting a father/son tradition.

A school skipping tradition.

A thing of Chicago Legend and Pride.

A family tradition.

A day off school to attend the White Sox home opener.
J was over the moon.

What better way to start Spring Break.  okay, so it was a week ago...

Whew.  A discussion for another day.

Today however, J made the day...

Daddy:  "J are you hungry?"

(insert contemplative look)

Daddy:  "Dude, it's a hot dog - Yes or No."

J:  "Well... Am I paying for it or are you?"

Daddy:  (laugh) "It's dinner - Mommy & I can get this."

J:  "Alright then - I'll take two with a pop."

I guess my lessons on saving money are working.  And this is translating over into grocery shopping as well.  He will think long and hard about whether he wants to buy something with his own money or not.  I use it on ANYTHING I don't want to buy from books, to toys, to Oreos.


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