Thursday, October 2, 2014

Lifetime Goals

As a parent, I've always wanted the *best* for J.  What does that mean though? 

I used to think it was about being successful in life equaled grades today and financial success tomorrow.  It's quantitative.  We can measure success on a standardized basis.

Now, I'm leaning more toward this quote I read in a #DaveDaily

You'll never be happy if you chase money all your life.  Find real joy through giving and serving others.

What is really wild about this, in listening to those Crossroads Church past sermons, I heard one on trusting God.  I could probably give more to the Church, if I truly trusted God would ensure I had enough. 

I'm not thinking all crazy, but how many times have I given less than I could afford, preferring to save that money for a material possession that loses its appeal in a heartbeat?  I don't want that for J.  I think my quest to calm my wanton heart was sparked by a little boy who always asks for more toys, even though he has some not even opened yet at home.

It was eye opening for me.

My reaction initially was less than stellar parenting.  When I trusted in God and asked for His guidance, and working with Mr. M - my reaction has mellowed.  In response, I've noticed a real change in J as well.  Last week, we were shopping for gifts for birthday parties he was attending.  He without reservation, was completely okay with leaving his beloved toy section with gifts for his friends, and none for himself.  He did so happily.

This week I was complimented on his manners.  I shared that with him.  I saw the joy it gave him.  I hope I can keep instilling in him the real things that matter, and temper those worldly materialistic traps.

Money does not buy happiness.  It does not buy a hug or bedtime snuggle.  It makes life easier, but if we truly trust in God to ensure we have enough - then it shouldn't be the measure we use to determine success.  Maybe that needs to be looked at through the qualitative measures we can so easily and often overlook.

I pray that J finds success in life.  Success that only living to honor God can bring.  Then I will be assured J will not only find success, but happiness and peace as well.

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