Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Norovirus Epedmeic 2014

It all starts with a call from the school... stating - a significant number of students were absent from school, or sent home early due to being ill at school.

Oh - fun - crap!  It's business planning.

That's the first thought as a working parent in the midst of "cannot miss time at work".  It's honest.

Instead of leaving anything to chance - I do the next thing a working parent does.  Contact fellow parent and develop a backup plan.  Contact said backup support and ensure they are free, willing and able to help...

The headcount absences have varied depending on the source, but round numbers seem to fall in and around this:

Wednesday - 129
Thursday - 250
Friday - 169

That's of 464 students.

Over half of J's class was out on Thursday.

Thankfully, J did not seem to be subjected to it.  I think this is the one positive to his still sucking his thumb when tired, because his is crazy good about keeping his hands clean.  First thing he does upon getting in the car from school, martial arts, etc - grabs a Wet One.

And like that... We say a prayer of thanks, and move on with life. 

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