Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Snow Day... Snow Day...

Yesterday was crazy.  School was called Monday night in preparation of snow.  I mean, we are in March here, with barely any snow to date...

So I guess it was time.  And in all fairness, it did get bad enough during the day they sent us home 3:30pm, so I was able to join the boys.  Granted, it was almost 5 by the time I got home, still 5 is better than 6.  :)

Jacob had a blast at home with daddy.  He played, watched movies, and just generally had a blast.  Daddy even gave him a good work out in the snow. 

During the day, J sent me sweet text messages of love and missing me.  Of our puppy in the midst of falling asleep.
When I got home, he had a special surprise for me.  He had taken a baggie, taped it to the gumball machine and put in sugar free gum.  It was a small, but oh so thoughtful gesture that totally melted my heart.  We agreed, once the gumballs are gone, we will be replacing it with sugar free gum. 

I love him so much.

After dinner, we had fun working on some math.  My mom tells stories about me choosing to work on math when I was kiddo, so I love to see J follow in my footsteps.  He was so excited to do it with me.  We even did some more BEFORE school today. 
I LOVE to watch him learn and grow.

Mommy's most awesome little man.

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