Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Consequences - I suggest... You suggest...

Wow Bud... This weekend started off with a bang.  In the form of leaving breakfast with grandma and grandpa M to deal with a rather surprising and totally unacceptable meltdown at the end of breakfast.

Looking back on it, I get you were tired.  I get you were in general cranky.  I get you wanted to stay home, and I said sorry.  Grandma and Grandpa hadn't seen you in a while, and they wanted to see you.  We do what we do.  I'm teaching you that you respect family commitments, even when you don't want to do them.  You do them because it is the right thing to do.  And yes, I care about how it makes them feel, and I want you to care too.

So while, yes, I can see why you  melted down, I am still issuing consequences because your meltdown was completely unacceptable. 

What I did love was how after you got your emotions under control, you recognized you deserved consequences as well.

Mommy's suggestion was - you melted down because I would not discuss buying you a toy at Cracker Barrel that would be candy filled insanity until AFTER you ate your breakfast. 

Really dude?!?! 

You know Grandma would have totally sprung for it... All you had to do was eat 5 more bites.

Nope... You pulled tears and madness.

But they are no match for Mommy.  And thankfully the grandparentals totally understood your meltdown was exacerbated by an audience and promptly left upon you returning to your tear state after my first pass at calming you down.

So yeah.  Have your tantrum bud.  I will keep you safe and love you, but do not mistake that for my letting you off for such behavior.

I won't.





Got it.


So as such... I suggested, we pick a toy in current rotation for donation as a consequence for reacting so poorly.


No TV for 3 weeks instead.

Clarification:  No TV means, no video, no TV, no You Tube - not even the pistachio commerical, no video means just that - none.



Further clarification:  You do know this means when you go to Grandma's for Easter, there will be NO TV.  And you do understand that this time period includes the entire week you are off for Spring Break.  That means 5 days you would NORMALLY be in school - there will be no TV.

None.  Whatsoever.

Further Contemplation...


Alright then... We have a deal...

And because Mommy realizes you have no real concept of how long this is, I will offer to let you revert to the initial suggested consequence, should you decide this wasn't really the best idea.

We are 5 days in, and so far so good.  You are doing great with taking charge to keep yourself busy and not whining about no TV.

Love you!

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