Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Oh kiddo, by the time you read this, I wonder if you will know the song I played on it title to create today's blog title.

I am so crazy busy right now... It has been total chaos over the past couple of weeks, then adding I'm working downtown you are just all out of sorts.  I felt so bad tonight when you started bawling over basically nothing.  I know your heart was sad, but man kiddo - small things in the big picture. 

But it also was good, it made me stop and just be with you.  Walking in tonight at your bedtime from an evening of you & daddy equaled Mommy tossing you into the shower, followed by spelling words, followed by sight book and finally a fun book.  At no point was there the normal decompress time to say "how was your day?"

My mind was already back on work.  Work that when I sat down to do, was pushed aside for political hot potato.  I HATE that.  I hate that I short changed our time, and still did not accomplish what I set out to complete tonight.

And now... Now I am just tired.  So I am going to wrap this up - make sure all boxes are checked to ensure you are ready for a daddy managed morning - then I'm heading to bed.  But I will admit, your unwillingness to give up time with me - even if it is sleeping time - makes it hard to sign off because you are so adorable asleep beside me on the couch.

Tomorrow night will not be much better with mommy taking time to get her hair done - but Friday through Sunday... Bud they are your days.  With Daddy around, this should be a spectacular weekend. 

#one more week till Spring Break#


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