Tuesday, March 23, 2010

And he moved on up...

J is growing up so quickly... His latest demonstration of this has been with his high chair.  He figured how to get the straps off and then proceed to wiggle and waggle...
I had fear he'd one day wiggle & waggle his way out of that chair.  So, I gave in... I moved him to the next step.  A belted booster.

He's very joyful.  Sat at table just like mommy daddy his parental units... Actually he out did us... We only generally have 1 phone.  He had 2. 

Granted only one works, and that would be his play one, but just try to take away the broken one.... Actually, don't. 

Honestly, I'd be embarassed by this, except... I often call Mr. M, or the grandparents while J was trapped in his high chair.  I did this because it was a safe time to turn over my phone without having to worry about him racing around throwing it, dropping it, or worse... And it gave him something to do while I finished up dinner.

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