Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Truthful Tuesdays - Telling Mr. M about Jacob

Since I'm doing this blog for J, I don't usually participate in blog carnivals, but this one struck a cord that Jacob (or more likely his future wife) might find as sentimental enough to enjoy as a memory... Truly our first memory of his existence.  And yet, he was no bigger than a pea at the time....

Confessions from a Working Mom

How Did You Tell DH You Were Pregnant?

I did not trust the stick to be true, so I called my OB and asked about a blood test. They would do that a few days before my first appointment, at about 7 ½ week. But considering I had two lines and a missed flux, I could safely believe I was indeed pregnant.

Okay, so I am pregnant. I am making plans. I am praying many prayers.

Mr. M did not get home until after I fell asleep on Monday, then he was out of town on Tuesday. I used this time to plan how to tell him. The following Sunday was Father’s Day. But I didn't want to wait until then for this moment to be celebrated. Our moment to enjoy and know our child could never say he wasn’t wanted or unloved, because he was loved and wanted for months before he entered my womb.

As I’ve mentioned before, Mr. M is a HUGE White Sox fan. I was able to pick up a “my first baseball” rattle and a 6 month White Sox sleeper outfit. I found a “Father-to-be” Father’s day card to put it all together.

He arrived home early on Wednesday. I was so excited, only traffic was a disaster, and he wanted time to decompress. I left him alone for about an hour. Then I went into the living room to see him. I mentioned I had a gift, and he was like, “honey I’m tired, just hang with me.”

I couldn’t believe it. I had the best present EVER and he was not interested!!!!!

So I mention, "you don’t even want your present?" This time there is a spark of interest and he agrees. So I run off to our bedroom, grab the gift bag and come back and presented it to him, telling him it was really for Sunday, but I couldn’t wait. Being a man, he was like “what’s Sunday?” as he was opening the card. He read it and quietly said “what the hell?” When he looked at me, his face was so blank. And yet, I could see the sheer joy in his eyes the answer to his question would bring.

He asked “Are you pregnant?”

At which point, I flew off the loveseat and said “Yep, we are going to be parents” We celebrated this moment. This moment that made the months of disappointment wash away with those tears of joy.

We were blessed and J was proudly wearing his outfit for his 3 month pictures.


  1. Your story made me so teary-eyed!!! I'm at my desk, reliving the day I met you-- and the day you told this story on BBC for the first time!

    Confessions From A Working Mom

  2. How sweet.....you son will love this story when he is older.


  3. This is a stinkin' cute story! And your son is adorable too! I'm following now!

  4. SOO very sweet!! That is just truly precious!!