Friday, March 5, 2010

Seeing Barney

J & I had a great day today (Thursday)... I took the day off & spent it with Jacob at Navy Pier watching his FAVORITE character.

We met up with some of the moms from our local mom’s group. And I snagged a great location for me & another mom who chose to stroller it, as opposed to trying to keep our children from running up on stage to join Barney.

I even tried to take video…

But he got distracted with missing mommy… I had been right behind him...

After taking the video, I did brave it with J for a moment or 2… And he ran for the stage.

Needless to say, that ended quickly with the newest “must have”, a sucker. (seriously, offer J a sucker & he will sit anywhere, anytime)

So when Barney departed, J was still to happy with his sucker to really be upset. Colton on the other hand, he was rather sad… And waaay too cute… I'm so in love with his huge crocodile tears....

Sprout has pictures of the kiddos getting to meet Barney, but they are not posted yet… Hopefully, I will be able to add that to the mix before this week.

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