Thursday, March 4, 2010

Chatting with the Grandparentals

What more do I really need to say....  He's an expert at 2.

Well, besides the fact, I am so very thankful for cell phones and the change in cost structure for calling people outside your very small area... As, when I was his age, the long-distance rates were so expensive, we did most of our talking in the summer months when Grandma & Grandpa B were home.  I recall 8th grade, when we moved to another area only 30 mins away, I had a 30 min per week limit because that equated to an extra $12 per month on the phone bill.  And back then, $12 was enough to almost feed a family of 4 at McDonald's for dinner, unlike today where that will not even feed a family of 3.  Unless you minimize your order.

Today, I do not hesitate to call either sets of Grandparents, both of which would be considered long-distance, to let them talk to J... Something we all enjoy very much...

Oh, and for the future J reading this... Another tidbit... Back when I was a kid, the only phones that existed were in homes.  Stationary.  As in you had to stand in the middle of the kitchen to have your conversation.  There was no convenience, no privacy.  And there was no such thing as cable TV.  Only basic computers with no internet.  Crazy, huh?  Please remember that the next time you think I am making your life soooo difficult because I monitor these activities.  It could be worse, I could make you live without them...

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  1. i tagged you on a "where will you be in 10 years game!"