Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Spring Video's

I still have to get the pictures downloaded, but I thought you would enjoy these in the meantime... (these are from Saturday)

Shooting hoops at the neighbors

Dancing with the neighbor & his friend... Plus, J kicking the ball at the end...

The boys were working very hard with J to teach him how to kick the ball, so it was kind of exciting for Mommy to catch that on video.

What was even cooler to me... When we got home yesterday, the neighbor & his friend came out to say "Hi" to J. J was sooo excited until we got out of the car, then he got all shy, hiding in my legs. Then as soon as I was like... "Okay, time to get dinner" and we headed into the garage... J was all like "Bye Friends! Bye!" Back to his confident little self...

Of course, there was no one around to see it then... :)

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  1. He is so sociable! Maybe he can teach G a thing or two about that :) She's still a shy little thing.

    And I seriously cannot believe you've all only been out to eat once with J!!!

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