Monday, March 22, 2010

Friday… And the toe injury…

We had such a great start to the morning… Really. It was sunshiny, warm. A perfect Spring morning.

J asked for eggs, and he ate them. With fruit, no less.

The carpet for the basement was delivered, not only on time, but almost at the start of the window.

J hung out on the back of the couch watching me clean up dishes. And while I don’t love this, I preferred this to him playing in the dishwasher making me twitchy.

Then came the shower… Still day going smoothly. For the third consistent time, J got out of the shower played a few minutes then saying “Mommy! Mommy! Mommy! Mommy!” all while lifting the lid on the toilet. Sure enough, the big boy pottied on the potty. (Haven’t managed #2 since his early success, but #1 seems to be going well – if he is diaper less)

After which, we got his diaper on, and washed our hands. (He’s big on washing his hands) And he went back to playing while I finished getting ready. Considering he is trapped in the master bath, there really isn’t a whole lot to play with. So he settled on the magazine rack. It’s metal & heavy, but he was happy so I didn’t sweat it.

<enter bad mommy moment>


No blood… “J you have to be careful. Do you want mommy to kiss it all better?”

“No” sniffle

Back to drying my hair. When I was done, I realized J was really crying. Not his fake cry, but a real pain cry. And there was blood gushing out of his foot.

So I immediately put peroxide on it. (Note to self: Dr told me not to do this, just use soap & water) And band-aided it. Got dressed quickly, then checked his toe. Added another band-aide. Took him into the kitchen to call Mr. M for advice on whether or not I should call the Dr. (Another note to self: When in doubt, just call the Dr).

The Dr did want to see him. Luckily or not, depending on how you look at it… He didn’t need stitches, as he’d removed all skin so there was nothing left to stitch. (Is this good news?) The Dr seemed to think this was a good thing. It has to stay covered for 5 days, and taped to his 2nd toe for support. Oh, and the best news… He may lose his toe nail going into summer… Ummm yeah, Mr. M will love that.

And he had a sinus infection.  Saved Mr. M a trip on Tuesday.

Needless to say, after all this excitement, and seeing it was past 1 pm and all… We went to lunch at Chili’s, where J was an angel. So I rewarded him with Cold Stone. Even went all out daring to let him have his cotton candy with sprinkles in his car seat as I drove. Yes, I am a guilt ridden great Mom like that.  And I love wet wipes & Oxy Clean.

Then we went to the park, where he proved all was good in his world…


  1. Poor guy! I have learned that the good cuts never bleed right away - they always take a few moments to really get gushing!

  2. Poor J!!! I hpe his toe heels up soon. Haha, "Toe" "heels"... I meant, "HEALS".

    Anyway, you asked if I had a savings plan for G for college. I don't, and I won't. My parents did not-- that's why my loans were so exorbinant. But here's why:

    If you save $150K for college, the school will take all $150K for college. But if you like my parents did and have NOTHING saved, the school will take only a portion of their annual salary, and you'll usually get more in grants and scholarships. Yes, some loans, too, but with a 1.25% interest rate on them, it was smarter for my parents to invest that $150K in their own retirement, pay about $50K in cash for my college through their annual salaries, then the $54K in loans... meaning (even with the interest) my parents saved about $35K, and are very well set up for retirement.

    It's rather convoluted, but I think it works in the long run.

    Confessions From A Working Mom