Thursday, February 18, 2010

Grandma M’s great idea…

Childproofing is something I did before J could walk, maybe even crawl (not sure). I did it to the level of – what can actually harm him? At his level? Chemicals. So all cabinets that contained chemicals were dutifully locked up.

Then came the cabinet investigation stage. Out came the hair ties. I’m a little too Type A to handle all my pots & pans, my toaster, steamer, mixing bowls, napkins, etc… to be pulled to the kitchen floor & played with for all of the 30 seconds they’d keep J’s attention.

Not to mention, we have dogs that investigate all things that land on the floor in hopes of it being edible. And doing that much additional washing was not something I have the desire time to complete.

Anyway, my point is, I did a break-fix child proofing add, as opposed to actually getting more locks and installing them.

Probably good I kept those strictly to the chemical cabinets, since J now understands how the hair tie works & does it when Daddy is too lazy forgets. I haven’t figured out if he knows what he does actually is keeping him out of the cabinet…

So when Grandma M suggested I pick up bumpers for our counter & kitchen table where J has been prone to bumping recently, I blew it off with the idea of – he’ll do it a couple of times & learn to be more careful. He’s tough. He’s a boy. Leaving me to feel totally guilty every time he ended up with a bruise in the middle of his forehead or running to me to kiss the top side of his head. (Don’t forget, I am the one who laughed when he got his first fat lip & when he got his first black eye… I’m a tomboy tough that way)

Grandma M on the other hand, is much more naturally nurturing protective than I am. She bought them. While I was appreciative of her doing it, Mr. M had me beat by being thrilled with the idea. He promptly installed them, and has asked me to pick up another box so he can finish the job that he started Tuesday on Sunday when he’s home…

Offically childproofed to another level.

Jacob – he loves them!

As for Mommy, I’m admitting – Grandma M had a WONDERFUL idea. Thank You!!! And Jacob thanks you!

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  1. I'm like you I would probably have my "boys will be boys" attitude right up until the point he really hurt himself! Then I would feel like such a jerk!