Wednesday, February 17, 2010

ABC's for a Birthday Boy

A day to celebrate with family

Barney & Elmo

Cake, cookies, and lemon bars

Daddy’s his hero AND Doggie to be dressed up in tissue paper

Eliminate nap time (for the day)

Full of energy, despite the lack of a nap

Getting doted on by Grandma & Grandpa M

Having tons of laughs at anything and everything

Illustrating the innocent joy of childhood

Jacob, of course

Keeping everyone on their toes

Loving & laughing

Mommy cures all bumps & bangs

No! Your favorite word

Outside is where you will be this summer enjoying all your fun new toys

Presents, of course

Question of the day: “Jacob how old are you?”
(no intelligible response)
“Jacob, what comes after one?”
He responded “TWO!!!!”

Roller Coaster of his own

Spoiling of the birthday boy by all his family & friends

Train Table for Thomas & Friends

Up on the train table you promptly went to get closer to your Thomas train

Videos to add to his Barney collection

Work Bench to be like Grandpa P

Xylophone is what we could have played while waiting on everyone to show up, if Mommy wasn’t running around getting all the last minute things done…

Youthful joy to be shared by all

Zzzzz the sound he made shortly after everyone left… And kept it up throughout the night

And there you have it… Mommy’s ABC dedication to describing the day…

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  1. Oh, how sweet is your ABC post? Love it!

    So you think Grey's and PP are the same show? There's definitely a lot of overlap!

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