Friday, February 26, 2010

I Never….

One of the key pieces of advice my sister-in-law, experienced mom of then 18 months, now 3.5 years, of which 9 months has been x2, passed on to me while pregnant was to:

“Never say, ‘I Never’…”

Whether it be, I will never co-sleep. I will never put my child to bed without a bath. I will never give my child what he wants to stop the tears, even if I know it will haunt me later. I will never allow my child cookies in place of a nutritious snack.

“Because, whatever you say ‘I Never’ to, will be the first thing you will do”

I didn’t listen. I said all of those and then some. One in particular, I had always thought was:

“I will never allow my child to consume food in the grocery store we haven’t paid for yet.”

I’m not sure why this was a big deal to me. It shouldn’t be.  I can pay for it when I check out at the end.  But morally, it just always seemed wrong to me, when I’d see other mom’s walking their carts around the store with their child consuming cookies from the bin in her cart. My thought was always – but you haven’t paid for that yet.

Yep… And as judging others would bite me on my judgmental rear end would have it…

When J & I were grocery shopping last week, I threw his Kool-Aid Bursting Water in the cart, instead of under it like I usually do. Big mistake. HUGE mistake.

J became insanely fussy. His ‘nacks’ (aka: snacks) had long since been consumed, but he still had his DHA enhanced, no sugar added Apple Juice, so I wasn’t all that concerned & just pushed onward.

As I was grabbing the trash bags – the last thing on my list – I hear “Ahhh!  Pease!  Pease!”

What do I turn around to find… That would be my child, holding out the individual bottle of water for me to open. When I responded with “Jacob Matthew, we do not open things before paying for them” I received such a loud howl, people who were not already looking at me from the volume of my exasperated statement, started looking to see what was causing all the raucous. It.Was.FABULOUS.

And I proceeded to rapidly eat my words with a quick twist to open the bottle.

And peace was restored.  At least I did get a "Tink You"

I admit, in an effort to try to not let this happen again, I will be packing a bottle from home next trip.

As for J, he was a happy a boy…
Alright, be honest now... could you have said "no" to him? 
Mr. M? 

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  1. I have a lot of those - and I am more than ready to eat my words!

    He is so adorable!