Thursday, July 26, 2012

What happens after 5...

Mommy worked from home Tuesday afternoon, since there was no power at school due to the crazy storm that went through at 7 in the morning. 

Daddy took the morning till 1:30 shift.

Oh the fun we didn't have. 

Mommy can we...
  • swim?
  • ride my bike?
  • try my skates?
    • this was an effort on his part to show how desperate he was
  • watch TV?
I proudly said no to each & every request.  We cleaned while mommy worked.  I've seriously reduced the number of toys upstairs by half.  It was such a huge relief to no longer be overrun by toys. 

Next up... Working on the downstairs to donate... But that will be a project for another day.

As a reward, I granted J an all access pass outside to play for an hour before dinner.  We did bike riding, and we did bubbles. 

He was so happy to finally get to do something fun after all the work mommy made him do.

On the upside, he proudly shared with Miss Cheryl all the work he did on Tuesday.

And on Wednesday... As we were driving to school, J noticed before I did (I was paying closer attention to the stop sign I was at) that the traffic light was working.  We were both like "SCORE!!! School is back open today!"

J:  Yeah mommy, this is so happy.  You and daddy are no fun when working on your computers.

Well said little man.  Well said.

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