Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Visit to the White Sox stadium - all access pass

While Mommy was partying it up at the bridal shower for the future Mrs. M, Mr. M's little brother is getting married in October, Mr. M & J were partying it up at the White Sox stadium sans a game.

Don't worry, the Tiger's v. the Sox was broadcast across many a Jumbo Tran's.

J had a blast.  He has been begging Aunt Liz to allow him on the field.  We keep telling him later, not today, and he was getting the picture it was NEVER going to happen. 

And to be honest, it was kind of killing his enjoyment of the game.  Such is the life of a 4 year old.

However, thank you to his wonderful Aunt Liz for scoring him 2 tickets to this wonderful event.  He got to explore all aspects of the Sox Stadium. 

Mr. M on the other hand had the fun of trying to get J to smile, since he is in that half smile / half grunt "CHEESE" smile stage.  How long does this last?

The dressing room...
with Mickey
with Frank Thomas
and of course... One from the field.  I LOVE this one. 

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