Monday, July 23, 2012

4 going on 14...

Last weekend, I asked Matt if he thought J's underwear was getting small.  Being 'a girl' and all, I'm not all that expert-y on the proper fit of a boys underwear.

However, when it seemed rather fitted, I thought we might be coming up on the end of its lifespan.  And Matt agreed. 

Hello - free reign on shopping!
by myself... Yes, it was awesome!

When I started looking at the sizes, I realized they were getting small, simply because J was reaching the upper end of the weight range.  Sigh.

But the fun I had shopping. 

J on the other hand, has had a blast sporting his near gear.  That said, he cracked me up the other night when he asked to sleep in this, complete with briefs underneath his shorts.  He could not grasp the concept of true boxers being underwear.  He understands boxer briefs, and briefs because he has worn both, but true boxers.  Mind blowing.

Oh well.  He looked to cute not to take a picture in his *shorts*.

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