Friday, July 27, 2012

a 4 yr old's dinner...

By nature of how I started J off eating, he has challenged me on eating with Matt & I at dinner time.   I assumed that his well balanced meat, veggie, carb prepared blended food was more likely more nutritious than whatever garbage Matt & I were eating. 

As we migrated off those meals, we got sucked into the chicken nugget, pizza, mac-n-cheese, if it is remotely nutritious - it shall never pass through my lips dinner wheel.

However, this past Spring, and really more into Summer - J has really taken off on his food variety.  He has eaten a TON of berries (blue, red, black, and cannot forget strawberries), in addition to his apple & banana staples.  He has added ribs, steak, burgers and even tried fish (not a fan!) to his main course meal options.

As for veggies, we are still working on those.  He loves corn on the cob, but beyond that - not so much anything.  He'll eat apples over fries at McDs even.  It is crazy, being that he is my kid and all, how strongly he dislikes veggies on principle.  He really enjoys hanging with me in the kitchen while I cut up raw veggie after raw veggie.  My hope is repeatedly demonstrating how good they are through my own enjoyment & consumption, eventually - like the main course add ins - he will start to ask for his share.

Until then, he'll proudly announce carrots make him throw-up...

So not awesome thankyouverymuch!

Anyway... J helped me make burgers recently & when asked how he wanted his... He requested no bread (since mommy forgot to buy buns), but pepperoni please.  His own cheeseburger pizza.  Alrighty then. 
I'm just happy to see how quickly he gobbled up his burger & yogurt!  We ended up negotiating on the blueberries vs. bedtime activities.  Ultimately, he decided he did want a shower in my shower over his, so he ate his berries for me.  :-)

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