Monday, July 16, 2012

Moments in time...

We had a spectacular weekend.  Grandma & Grandpa P came to visit.  Mr. M was still on vacation.  J was on a high from getting lots of daddy & son time. 

Mr. M kept J home on Thursday, then picked him up at noon on Friday.  He had pretty much picked J up early all week.  J was in his glory.

The unusualness of having Matt home on Saturday, left Sunday to feel like a found day.  Could also be the result of my coming off a 6 day work week.  Either way, it.was.awesome. 

We did some sorting & reorganizing of J's clothes.  Realized his underwear was nearing its last bit of material to fit comfortably, giving mommy a perfect excuse to hit Target.  I then was able to share the laugh with the family over the amount of money I spent on underwear, none of which was for me.  In reality, not all of it was underwear, but it made for good commentary.  :)

We are starting to transition J over to shorter nap time, in favor of earlier bed time to help him come fall.  I'm still in shock over there not being nap time in Junior Kindergarten.  Excited for all the time it opens up on Saturday for us to do things, instead of planning around nap time.  Sad for the *must have* early bed time to make this work.  I'm starting to move J to be in bed for book by 8pm now, with the goal of 7:30 asleep by fall as it gets dark earlier.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

Here's to a great start of the week! 

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