Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Family Fun!

I'm knee deep in quarter close, but since J cannot stop asking when he gets to see his cousin's again, I thought I'd stop to share these quick with more to come when I get a chance to breathe...

On Friday, Miss Cheryl kindly brought J to my office.  This save me an hour & half on my trip to Michigan Friday night.  Granted, I lost 45 mins of that savings in a traffic jam just West of Battle Creek.  Regardless, J LOVED, LOVED, LOVED coming to my office.  He loved my candy (sugar free of course) dish. 

J was so excited to see his artwork hung on my wall.

And he may have pocketed a piece or two of the Dove SF chocolates.  I love that he will eat these treats as the real thing, and not suffer the sugar crashes.

J was so excited on Friday, because he got to see his cousins!

Love Family Time. 

Love these moments & treasure them during this super busy time at work...

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