Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Mr. M & I have been working with J on learning how to swing on his own.  We've demonstrated.  Talked about it.  Described it in nth level detail.

Nothing worked.  Nada.  No comprehension.

Last night, however, J & I hit the park after dinner and low and behold.  J jumped on the swing & after getting him going, I was asked to stop pushing.  J would do it all on his own.
Sure enough - he did.

Ethan taught him.

Awesome.  My least favorite (as of yet) fellow student (okay, he's going into K this year) at FRA, FINALLY taught J something I don't hate.  And yes, there has been a lot of hating of his influence this summer.  Starting with tattoos followed by 4 letter adult language.  Sigh.

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