Monday, September 13, 2010

Weekend Recap

Mommy had to work Friday, due to the Holiday shift in our close schedule... So J got to spend Thursday night & Friday with Grandma & Grandpa M.

Sadly, Grandma M texted me that she thought J was getting a cold.  And she was right...

Grandma & Grandpa spent Friday at the zoo, which was the total amount of fun J was allowed until late Sunday afternoon, when the mixture of Benedryl & Zyrtec finally clicked to turn off the faucet & alleviate the sneezing, coughing and generally cranky boy I picked up Friday night.  Granted, he wasn't cranky until he fell asleep in the car & I had to move him into the house.  A phone call to say goodnight to daddy didn't help.  Cuddling by mommy didn't help.  However, ice cream finally did the trick.  5 Dots to be exact. 

And off to bed we went, with a dose of Benedryl.

On Saturday he woke up, covered in snot, but in good spirits.  So we took a down day... We did not do anything, other than take P to the Vet, as she had an ear infection.  J thought it was good fun to see how Dr. Dan worked with P.  He showed J where to check for her heart beat, when we talked about his 'medical kit', and how sensitive P's ears are, so that he should never try to look in her ears.  Standing on a chair, J was enthralled to watch her ear get flushed.  He kept asking "What was that?" in this voice of awe.

While both J & P napped on the way home, I was able to get J back down after lunch and a half dose of Zyrtec (as I forgot to give it to him when he woke up).  Then we just lounge, played with his See 'n Say and Leap Frog.  We read books.  We snuggled and watched Barney.

And we did laundry.  Getting all the fall clothes laundered helped me achieve a new weekend record... 4 loads of J laundry.  2 loads of my laundry.  1 load of kitchen towels.  1 load of bathroom towels.  2 load of sheets.  And I got almost all of it done on Saturday.  J has become such a great helper with laundry.  Okay, so really it is just the pushing of buttons, and you better have a good redirection for before and after needed button pushing.  :)

Because of his snotty nose, which the Zyrtec finally seemed to be kicking in to dry up, we only got to see Daddy long enough to say goodnight when he got home around 7:30.

I was hoping Sunday we'd wake up feeling better.  He slept around 11 hours.  And while we woke up in a great mood, that was short lived.  Everything was worth crying over.  Getting a bagel.  Not getting a bagel.  Drinking milk, not drinking milk.  Getting dressed, not getting dressed. 

Finally, I wrangled him out of the house for a bagel around 8 with a half dose of Zyrtec, and I could tell he still wasn't 100%, but he was doing much better.  The faucet had been turned off.  Now it was just keeping up with his need to blow his nose. 

We did another low key day.  Blowing bubbles on the deck.  Playing with his Leap Frog while Mommy read on the deck.  Hanging with Daddy and watching Barney on the iPod.  We did a good snack & off to sleep around noon.

When he woke up, he was so much better.  We even went to the park, and did a last (I think) swim in the pool for summer.  Having figured out the Zyrtec works way better, we stuck with that for bedtime & I hope he doing even better today.

Another hard thing about being a working mom... You cannot have a sick kid.  He needs to be healthy, so he can attend daycare.  Which means, when you have a sick kid, weekends become about getting him healthy by Monday. 

Or come Monday, you cross your fingers and pray that all the activity at school doesn't get him more sick.


  1. It sounds like you have some busy weekends. I think most young families have similar hectic life styles. I know my kids and grandkids do.