Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A first love... (and a very special birthday wish)

First... HAPPY BIRTHDAY LUCY!!!!  as J would say.

Happy Birthday Aunt Liz!

I even tried correcting him last night when I said, "We'll have to call Aunt Lizzie tomorrow to sing Happy Birthday"

J:  Yeah.  Lucy Birthday

Me:  J, it's Aunt Lizzie

J:  Not it's not.  It's Lucy.

rinse & repeat, until he was nearing a meltdown over your not being Lucy.  So I let it rest for the night.

J has come to fully realize / understand he has two sets of grandparents.  And what I love is he is making memories with each set that are so unique they will forever be with him.  Maybe not specific moments, but emotions.  I recall chatting with my Grandpa B & being queried about what flavor my sugar kiss was for him that night over the phone.  And they only lived a half hour away.  So for him to be able to so easily ask to talk to my parents or Mr. M's warms my heart to no end. 

However, he does not refer to them as P or M, but Boat or Downstairs.  Grandpa & Grandma M have a finished downstairs, so J loves that he can run down the stairs to see Grandpa.  Usually he can smile coyly, or just be little Mr. Innocent & come away with their phone.  Or stand at the stairs & turn lights on & off.  In general, things Mom would never allow at home.  Things that don't hurt anything, but stress my nerves regardless. 

Grandpa & Grandma P on the other hand have total stolen J's heart & given him his first love.  Well, maybe second, he really does love a working phone.


Via their boat.  He'll ask, them.  "Where's boat?"  And he gets so sad to hear it is docked.  "Boat go fast?"

And if he is driving it's, "Grandpa go fast?" and before my dad can respond he is pushing the lever that speeds up the boat.  Grandma & I looked at each other, after J almost knocked Grandma off the side with one of his unexpected bursts of speed, exchanging the look that said 'He's sooo going to regret showing him that!'

Please excuse the lack of life vest, his was wet from swimming & I'd forgotten to put the one from the boat on him until after I took this picture & freaked out.  The remainder of the pics, as seen below with Payton, he has on the bulky, but safe, Finding Nemo jacket.

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