Tuesday, September 21, 2010

He Likes It...My cooking that is...

I've been making an effort to offer J more home cooked meals, and less toddler fare... Due to our schedule, his need for sleep is a top priority, but I want to also ensure he is eating good meals full of whole grains, and organics when possible.

Recently, I made pasta Alfredo with low glycemic pasta (Dreamfields, available at Meijer right by all other pasta) and homemade sauce.  The sauce was ridiculously rich.  I really needed to grocery shop, as in I hadn't been the previous weekend, and it was Thursday, so we are talking scrapping the bottom of the barrel in options here... I mixed cream cheese with Boursin cheese, added butter & shredded Parmesan cheeses, then thinned with pasta water.

It was decadent.

And the best part, J ate his entire bowl.  I love how he is starting to eat food so full of flavor.  And he's starting to ask for fruits.  Bananas, grapes & plums to be exact.  It is such a great start towards a healthier future, which is what was my main concern.

I even got J to eat 2 green bean stalks last week... 

Okay, so maybe I had to bribe him with a M&M for every bite he took, but at least it is a start...

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