Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Not Cool J... Not Cool...

First let me say, J has been doing wonderfully since we really started working on potty training, when it comes to pee... And while he will toot his horn with big smiles, the slightest feeling of something more sends him running from the potty saying "I can't mommy.  I can't poop on the potty."

While J was with Grandma M last Friday, she taught him to pee standing up.  While they were at Brookfield Zoo, there was little boy urinals & she thought it was just so cute!

Do you see where this is going yet?

Yes, J, the boy who LOVES to grab the water hose and spray it into the pool, now has a hose of his own.  Would spend hours shivering in the stream of the cold water to play with the water hose.  Generally melting down when Daddy takes it away to play in the warmth of the rest of the pool.

Now do you see?

Daycare requires little boys sit, due to lack of aim and sanitary reasons, but also because it encourages pooping in the potty.  Something J will not even attempt as of yet...  

Right, so last night, as we were getting him stripped down to head off to the shower, J announces he has to poop.  I was like, "well, go for it kiddo!"  And as I was picking up his clothes & putting them into his laundry basket before joining him in the bathroom... 

(He's been doing a really great job of maneuvering onto the potty by going up backwards.  All good right?  I was so beyond happy for his wanting to try.)

Seriously J, this was sooo not cool.

I join him in the bathroom to see him standing at the potty, facing it, spraying all over everything he can reach.  When he turns to notice me, he smiles & says:

"Look mommy, I spray"

Yep... He has a spray hose of his own.

I got to experience this 2 more times in the shower.


I'm not really sure how to stop this new activity... Turning off the shower, in thoughts of ending it was the only way I was able to get him to stop being so gross.  However, he will learn quickly, as in - as soon as he tries me on for size, that his showering is very important to me.

Thankfully, the boy loves his shower more than his hose.

For now anyway.

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