Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Odds & Ends...

Enjoying these warm fall nights, J & I have been playing after daycare before dinner.  Tonight, he'll be staying with Grandma & Grandpa M, as daycare is closed for Miss Angie to have surgery. 

J is getting so tall that riding the tricycle looks uncomfortable to me, and it must be getting there for him too.  He rode it a few houses, then wanted to head home to get his bike.  This is a new thing, as it has been beyond his skill set so far this summer.  While he's still a bit away from taking off down the street on it, he is getting 4 or 5 rotations before hitting the brakes by peddling backwards.  He ended up riding 2 houses down and back last night, which got all kinds of cheers from mommy & Mr. Joe who lives next door & was coming out to collect his boys for dinner.

Potty-training has had some major set backs since the big pooping in the potty.  He's great at daycare or when he doesn't drink a lot of liquid at once.  When he does, you can pretty much guarantee that he will wet his pull-ups.  I tried putting him in underwear, explaining how he has to pee in the potty or everyone will know.

Right... He's now scared of wearing underwear... Mom of the Year material right there... :(

However, preschool is in session again, and yes, I totally missed the first day picture taking.  I was so good about having his playpack ready & being excited, etc... Then I blew the picture taking opportunity.  J has been coming home and being serious when we work on colors or letters or numbers.  He's really taken to his Leap Frog Blackberry.

But Monday night he stole my breath...

"I pwedge allegiance to flag of United America ajsklfjajfdajdfljkj" trailing off as he lost his word memory.

When it dawned on me what he was saying, I stopped & said it with him.  I really wish I could convey the smile that appeared on his face. 

It was priceless.

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