Thursday, September 2, 2010

Finishing up Pics from our last weekend at the lake...

Considering I have pictures from last weekend still to get up here, AND another big family weekend (in case Mr. M has not called you yet, the plan is for Sunday cookout at our house.  Please bring suits, as it should be nice!)  I need to get these published.

J could watch my Dad work all day.  Grandpa built this sun room to enjoy sunsets without having mosquitoes carry us all off. 
It also works well, we found, for housing Payton's dog crate & J's toys.  Grandma's home is not as kid friendly as I'd like, so this is a great area where I can breathe easy while J plays.

We also spent Saturday with my Aunt Char & Uncle Lou.  Growing up, they were my most active relatives, outside my maternal grandparents, so I love being able to share my son with them as well. 
I felt so bad though, my Aunt was so looking forward to swimming with J in their pool, but had cut her ankle during the week & was out of luck, due to (6) stitches. 
She didn't let that stop her from encouraging J & Grandpa get in, then pushed mommy in as well.
Grandpa helped J create a BIG splash
Which leads to my next point, I'm finding that as the picture taker, I'm rarely in the pictures.  I LOVE, LOVE my new Camera - so again, thank you!

Thankfully my mom offered to take the family picture of us for me.  This was truly special, as Mr. M had made the 3 hour drive to join us on Sunday, after working his crazy long week. 
Bonus may have been that he took J with him, and had me take Payton.  Seeing the gummy bears glued to J's shirt, car seat, etc.  I'm certain I had the better ride.

And last, a picture I took shortly before J threw the cover to his sippy cup in the Lake.  I may or may not have since washed (on sanitize) several times before returning it into circulation.
This also shows how my mom was sitting when he almost dumped her over the side during a speed burst.

We had taken to divide & conquer of door guarding, as little man decided to try to put his leg over the door.  We felt he was getting a little to confident to be left to hang at a door without adult supervision thisclose to him.  With three doors, Mr. M took one, Grandma took the middle & I had the front.

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  1. Okay...that's it. I'm moving nearer to you and we are becoming friends. You know the kind of friends who hang out together on the weekends...


    How blessed you are!