Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Mommy's Group Playdate

We've been so busy all summer, we haven't seen my local Mommy's group at all.  I was so excited when one of the mom's sent me an invite via Facebook for a last minute play date at her house.  The group was on the smaller side, which I thought was good as J is in a mommy phase, and I was leery of his being tossed into a big group.

He did great!

Even when the host little boy got a little overwhelmed with sharing all his toys, and started taking them back from everyone. 

But for the most part he did well sharing, I think nap time approaching made everyone a little more anxious....

As for mommy, she got some good chatting time with good food to boot.  :)

And we are looking forward to a slower fall so we may join up more mommy events.  Maybe even host a playdate or two or our own.

I do believe Payton just took cover to our bedroom at that thought.  :)

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