Monday, June 14, 2010

Yep... It's confirmed (not that there was any doubt)...

He's mine.  Granted it is only supposed to be 50% of me in little man, Saturday evening, I'd venture to say - he was 100% mini-me.

Friday we spent the day basking in the glory of having nothing to do, and Mother Nature cooperating.  J even braved getting water in his ears to imitate me back floating in the pool.  I was so proud of him, as he got a little braver with each "Lay back Mommy" he practiced.  Finally, near the end, he was even letting go of my finger to truly doing it on his own (with his life jacket, of course).  However, all this fun on Friday left us to having to run all our errands on Saturday.  I have cute pics, from Friday, but Mr. M has hidden my camera...

After a morning of running errands, dodging rain storms, a certain child's unhappiness for all things related to a sitting quietly was being displayed.

However, I'd gotten myself out of cooking dinner by telling Mr. M I was thinking of going to Mass.  It was unintentional, but nevertheless, gave me the motivation I needed to attend.

J took a really long nap, leaving his I-hate-all-things-except-hitting attitude behind, and we had a great time drawing on the driveway, annoying the dogs by ringing our door bell. 

So I decide, I must brave it...

Yeah... God's hysterical. 

First, we leave for church right as the skies turn black from the hazy gray they'd been most of the day.  As we leave our subdivision they start sprinkling.  By the time we are half-way there, it is in downpour mode.  The kind that makes you wonder if you need an ark.

We park & I decide to get J out of his car seat, while I'm still in the car myself.  As I walk around to open his door, he dashes through the middle to my seat.  Back through the flooded water surrounding our car I trudge.  Upon opening the door, J throws his Aqua Doodle into the puddle, thereby ruining it for use during Mass.  However, I still had a purse full of snacks & a determination this would go well.

And honestly, it did.  Even the next, total mini-me, move was not of J misbehaving, however red-faced it turned me...

At the end of Mass, our Priests call the children forward for blessing.  Due to J's emerging independence and confidence, coupled with his very stellar behavior during the service, I decided to let him go up on his own for the blessing.  I walked behind him, and stood off to the side of the group.

Much like his mother, J pushed his way to the front.  Father Mick smiled at him as Decan Ed read the announcements.  In J's world, however, Decan Ed was taking to long, so he started looking around for me.  Next thing the whole church heard was this:

J:  MOMMY.  MOMMY.  MOMMY.  Where's my mommy?

and like Moses parted the Red Sea, J parted the group of kids standing between him & me.

J:  MY MOMMY!!!!!  as he made a bee line for me

Poor Decan Ed was having such a hard time finishing up with all this distraction, as most of the church was laughing out loud by this point.

Then Father took over, and J realized he was missing the blessing...

J:  Mommy, down!

And just like that, pushed his way back to the front, to be directly in front of Father Mick for the blessing.  Luckily, Father Mick took it in stride.

However, me?  Having been told time & again how until I received my first graded reported card - the number one comment was

"Ali does not always have to be first.  She needs to learn to let others go before her"

I laughed hysterically, and upon leaving - promptly called the Grandparents to share...

Me to Grandpa P - I know I so totally deserve this from my own childhood.

Grandpa P - never one to sugar coat things -  Yes you do...

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