Thursday, June 17, 2010

and back to 4 wheels

As much as J loves to ride his trike, he still realizes it is easier to just drive... This is another thing that just amazes me how he has changed from last summer to this one. 

Last summer, he very much wanted us to drive him around in his car.  If we'd try to encourage him to take over, he'd turn and grab the red pole - making it very clear what he wanted.

This summer, he has not only figured out how to power his truck, but how to steer it as well.  Although, it doesn't seem to perform all that well off-sidewalk, so whenever he drives off he goes:

"Uh oh!  My CAR!  MY CAR!"  as he is jumping out of it, pushing whatever end is most off, back onto the sidewalk.

One thing we are working on is - J thinks Daddy's car, when in the driveway, is there for target practice.  My poor shins are pretty bruised in an attempt to keep J from hitting Daddy's car...

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