Thursday, June 24, 2010

Reflecting on Father's Day

Mr. M is a wonderful dad... He, without complaint, gets J up, fed, and delivered to daycare every Monday - Thursday morning.  He plays sports with J, has been known to try to interest him in a video game, gives up his iPod to sticky fingers, puts together toys, reads books, swims, encourages J to try foods outside his normal spectrum.

And mostly, he supports me when I need that boost... When he was out of town last fall, and I was working a lot, J was not sleeping, and I was feeling overwhelmed... He sat in his hotel room & let me vent... Reassured me I did not suck as a mom, and helped me get where I needed to be to tackle the next day of single-parenting.  Thankfully, this has ended & we all have deemed his additional time home to be a huge bonus.

As a result, I feel horrible, I did not get any good pics of J with his Dad or Grandpa M on Father's Day.

So instead,  you just get see the wee one showing how much he loves my camera these days...

How long does this phase last?

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  1. I don't know, I love that first one! SO handsome, even being all attitudy! :)