Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Water, Sand, and Transportation...

Since we are headed towards sand, blue water, and lots of sun shortly, I wanted to use last weekend's sun to experiment with how much time J could spend in the sun with sunscreen on playing in the water.

And it appears, Mr. M's & my skin complexion combo is a win-win for little man.

He spent all day Friday out in the sun.  Peak sun hours.  We swam, we played with the sand & water table, okay, so maybe I sat beside the table reading taking pictures.  J tried feeding the dogs sand by telling them it was dog food.

Payton, however, after a quick sniff, was not fooled by such imagination.

That said, I just realized, that was the first time I've really seen J's imagination take off and start creating stories.  My sister-in-law has often told me how she loves listening in on my niece when my niece doesn't realize it to hear the stories she crafts.  Up to this point, J will be going on & on, but it was mostly incoherent to my ear.

This was very clear and well thought out... And it continued when we walked down to the park, as J wanted to play fast food service person with me... First he served me, then I served him.  Over.and.Over.  His top choices were pizza and nuggets.  I, of course, requested ice cream.

Here are some pics of him enjoying his table...

I have to add, I LOVE the umbrella attached.  It actually came with his picnic bench Grandma & Grandpa M got him, but as we've put that in the basement for J to use as a coloring table, we haven't used the umbrella.  Since the water table had a spot for an umbrella, I decided to see if I could cross brands & it worked wonderfully!  J even did a pretty good job at staying  under it.

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