Friday, June 4, 2010

Developing Sea Legs

J had his first boat ride over Memorial Day weekend.  Grandma & Grandpa P have a pontoon.  He LOVED it!  He especially loved when Grandpa let him drive.

And the whole state lake heard J's unhappiness when he didn't.  But minor things like not taking out another boat, or driving around in a small circle, or running over those skiers, tubers, or jet skiers caused Grandpa to regain control several times.

J was fascinated by nature this weekend.  He was also fascinated by the fact when he threw things overboard on the boat, that they were truly gone.  He kept asking where his water bottle cap went, after pitching it overboard.  You know he truly is trying to learn the concept, because his voice is so innocent.  He really thought he we would be able to get it, and was truly perplexed it was gone.

Another thing that perplexed J was an old toy phone from when my mom(?) or maybe my Aunt was a child.  I recall spending many hours playing with preparing for my life attached to a phone this phone at my grandparents.  Today the cord has been cut, or maybe simply fell off, but it still looks like the old rotary phone. 

J, on the other hand, was totally perplexed where the buttons to push were...

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  1. Ha! I never even thought about how the toys from our past wouldn't even make sense to our kids now! That is too funny!