Tuesday, June 29, 2010

J Speak..

I don't have the pictures downloaded yet, but Mr. M emailed me this one... So I wanted to share along with capturing some of the J speak we hear a lot these days...  I forget how short of time I have with hearing these word phrases and how important it is to record them...

When we were walking around the grounds the most frequent things Mr. M & I heard were:
  • My Turn
  • I carry Mommy
  • I carry Daddy
  • No, Mommy's turn
  • No, Daddy's turn
  • I up or I need up
  • I need pizza
  • I hungry
  • I full
  • I want that
  • No that or No this
  • My phone (referring to Mr. M's iPod)
I should add, he is doing really well with manner & usage of those pesky magic words (please, thank you, and your welcome), and will add them to any of these key phrases pretty easily on his own, or when prompted if he forgets.

Also, when mommy got a little camera happy hoping to catch every moment of fun from this trip, to share with J when he is older, which was just impossible, J's make believe of taking pictures.  My hairdryer, a beach shovel (which doubled as a spoon for 'making' food), Mr. M's iPod, etc...  Morphed into a working camera before our eyes.  J would call out "Say Cheese!" then when we did, we'd here a very loud grunt followed by "Got it!"

He also was insatiable with his make believe world of cooking.  He would climb up the stairs towards the upper deck to cook on a sand filter disk, and stir with his 'spoon', then crawl back down the stairs & serve whoever would play his game.  Celine, the First Mate / cook, really stumped him with saying "No thank you, I don't like nuggets."  But he quickly recovered when Ricky stepped in & asked for some 'fried chicken'.  Since he has never had it, he didn't know what he was whipping up, but he must have been doing a great job as Celine & Ricky must have eaten several hundred orders during our quick trip...

Background on the picture...

The Bahamian's had live island music playing in the Marina Marketplace every night.  J, not one to shy away from things, joined right in with them on Friday night as we passed.  He had so much fun pounding on the drums, trying out the different sizes, shaking the rattle's (seen below), trying on the witch hat, or using it as a telescope to see mommy & daddy.

The newness of it on Friday caused us to have to wait out till the song broke to move him along, however, by Saturday he was more easily moved along with promises of seeing the aquarium again.  He was fascinated by being able to walk along outside and follow the big and small, schools and loners of fish and sharks as they swam around...

Sadly, it ended up being a bad diversion seeing the aquarium was closed for a private dinner party.  :( 

Luckily, J had forgotten that I had used it for redirection, and easily allowed me to redirect again...

I think I'm in trouble when his short-term memory develops beyond a minute or two...

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  1. I am cracking up at the make believe photo taking! Too cute!