Thursday, June 3, 2010

Proud Grandparents...

Yesterday, J had the opportunity to spend the morning with Daddy & the afternoon with Grandma & Grandpa M.  Spending the afternoon riding the horse carousel at the mall & just generally walking around & burning some energy.  Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures to share, as I was working while all this fun was occurring.

Thank you again for watching J while daycare was closed!


Considering Grandma & Grandpa P winter in sunny Florida, and live somewhere
in between my brother & me in the summer, it is rare we are able to family pictures with them...

So that was one of the bonuses of the past weekend.  It was fun getting to see my parents be the proud grandparents!  This year was especially neat as Camryn (age: 4) has grown more independent over the past year and actually basked in the attention.  J (age: 2) has never been one to shy away from attention.  Even Mallory (age: 1) seems to be starting to spread her wings as she moves into toddler hood. 

Although, I do have to admit, J isn't much of a fan of sharing my attention.  Or actually, the spotlight would be more accurate.  We are having to start having the conversations about how he does not tell us to "stop". 

That said, I recall my own childhood, and know he comes by it naturally.

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  1. Oh boy are those some happy and proud and probably exhausted at the end of that day grandparents. So sweet!