Tuesday, June 29, 2010


We just got back from Atlantis, so I'm tired, J's tired, Mr. M tired...

I overslept today, so no time for downloading pictures.  I will try to get to it tonight. 


J traveled very well... All things considered...We sat on one 3 hour flight for over 5 hours.  Yes, thank you American Airlines

He is really starting to take off on swimming.  Right now he is only comfortable with his jacket on, but the technique is coming so with another year or two of strength, he'll be on his own in no time.

Pizza was the trick to get J back to eating on this trip, as he really was not eating well out of his element. 

J really was NOT a fan of Bahamian hot dogs.  I think it is because of the casing, as when I took it off, AND bribed him with a treat for each bite taken, he ate it better.  (Truly, he did not dig food there until we found the pizza)  Although, the crew's stock of mac-n-cheese did score big points on Saturday.

The boat we stayed on was beautiful.  It was a 75 ft. motorized yacht with a crew of 3.  And the marina charges by the foot.  Our slip was a middle of the road slip (as the closer you are to the main grounds the more expensive it is). A lot of the area down there is "No Wake", but really no one patrols it.  Our Captain took us out on the 29 ft. 'Dingy' and showed us the only access to Keven Costner's home (water access only), where cruise ships park, local shopping.

We would really like to return, but have decided we are going to see if another couple would like join us.  Granted this is depends on whether we are in a hotel room or the boat, as if it is the boat - we will need Mr. M's boss to agree to it.  As the grounds at Atlantis are very kid friendly, even more so when J is 3 & potty trained, it puts a lot on the parents if you are good about parenting your child.  Resulting in our realizing an extra set or two of hands would be delightful.

With that... It is time to get back to reality.  At least J will have his summer break with Grandma & Grandpa P this week...

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