Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Opening Day 2010

Pool Opening that is...

J & I had his friend Dottie & my friend (her mom) Laura over to help us *open the pool* for the year.  The kids had a blast...
Both were very anxious to get into the water, and neither really wanted to get out for lunch when it was time.  Although, it was J who had the meltdown.  Although, the promise of food coupled with dry clothes helped to quickly resolve it.

What amazed me about our time in the pool was how J just took to the water this year & tired swimming right off the bat.  Last year, we had a infant jacket - not really a life jacket, but kind of.  So we introduced the idea of kicking & paddling.  I wasn't sure how much of it stuck until Friday.  Granted, he had on a life jacket, but he was doing a great job treading water & using his arms to paddle from point (a) to where he wanted to go at point (b). 
Shortly after lunch, we realized it was going to rain, so the girls left & I put J down for a nap.  He slept 3 hours.  Swimming really tuckered him out...  It was WONDERFUL... I got laundry done & some relaxing time of my own before getting back into the swing of play time for all.

After Friday, I am very excited for summer & all it has to bring.  Now if Mother Nature would just cooperate to give us sunshine every Friday, Saturday & Sunday - then summer will be pretty perfect.


  1. Swimming = 3 hour nap? You don't say!? So that's the secret. :)

    Sounds like a very fun day. I'm with you, bring on summer!!

  2. Oh no! It really did rain on your parade! :) I'm glad the kids had so much fun though!