Monday, May 10, 2010

What's Mother's Day without a little blood?

Yesterday started out so promising.  Really

Okay, so I'm a mom, and I fib a little (or a lot) on occasion.  J did not sleep well Saturday night, which means - Sunday we were operating on sleep deprivation.  AND a whole lot of crabbiness. 

However, it was Mother's Day & I was not going to let that slow me down...

We started with a family bagel run, and ended with a Sunny D, which by the way - had miraculous powers to resolve said crabbiness.  Then we were off to my 2nd to last Sunday of Mystigoia.  Then home to meet Mr. M to get ready for hosting Grandma & Grandpa M & Aunt Liz for dinner.

I even took time to cut some of the beautiful & wonderful smelling Lilac to decorate the table.

Family arrives, and we head downstairs to show Grandpa M the new play area for J & his friends.  J takes off across the basement at break neck (literally) speed, tripping over a lump where Mommy did less than perfect job laying the carpet and launching himself front teeth first into his workbench.

I cannot tell you the feeling I got in my stomach. 

And then the blood.  The black on his tooth.  I get him upstairs, and he actually lays on the counter to let me get a good look.  Yes, that answers how serious he was taking this.  While I'm looking at the black (paint) on his tooth, I notice it looks off alignment.  And I touch it, it moved.  And bleed.  Oh my...

Needless to say, J ended up on soft foods for the remainder of the day... 

Although, he did enjoy some cake frosting...(We celebrated Mr. M's birthday, in addition to Mother's Day)

And I'm holding my breath until Mr. M calls with a morning report to update me on how J's doing.  The Dentist told me to wait until he's 3... I really hope I don't end up looking for a Pediatric Dentist today...

As I told Grandma P on the phone last night... I was really hoping, as in already bought some for him to enjoy, that J would not have to wait until he's 7 & getting his permanent teeth before really enjoying corn on the cob.

After all this excitement, Grandma & Grandpa left for home, and Mr. M & Aunt Liz headed off to the Blackhawks playoff game... I stole a moment to pack for J's first big overnight (since he was 6 months old) without Mommy or Daddy... He's headed to Grandma & Grandpa M's while Daddy is out of town for a meeting Tuesday night/Wednesday morning.

And how did I steal these moments... Witness for yourself...

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  1. Poor little guy! I hope the morning update was good news!