Tuesday, May 11, 2010

He'll live... His tooth? We'll know in 6 months.

Okay, so being the first-time mom that I am, I called the Dentist just to be sure we were doing all the right things.

Answer:  He needed to see a Pediatric Dentist.

All in all, the end result came back to wait & see. 

According to the Pediatric Dentist, I did the right thing moving his tooth back into place, however, with J being a thumb sucker – it may never tighten back up.

While J would let them in his mouth to look at it & touch it, he would not work with us on doing an x-ray to see what is going on under his gum (which was pretty swollen). So we are in a wait & see mode. He’s back to small bite finger foods & no sippy cup for a week.  Can we say, "Hello spills"?  He cannot have anything that he has to bite into (apple for example) for 3 weeks, and by his next cleaning appt (6 months) – we’ll have a better idea of what is going to happen. He said an abscess could take a few weeks to form, but he thinks the root probably just bent by how much the tooth moved. Which is a good thing. And he said J is so young, that we don’t have to worry about him pushing his permanent teeth upward, as they are as far up as they can go. He also said, while J was not the happiest camper when he was playing with the tooth, he was fussy more because he was unhappy than in pain. All good signs.

On the down side, if he hurt the root - his tooth could turn gray - or even black.  Sometimes when this happens, it will naturally reverse - otherwise we can have it cosmetically lightened.  But it doesn't need to be done.

Of course, we'd do that... My thought as he was talking was - oh no, all his childhood pictures would be marred by this black front tooth... (Yes, I realize this was a silly thought - all things considered, but I knew at this point he was probably going to be okay)

As for J... He was off to the races when we got home... Leaving me to wonder...

Shouldn't he have learned a lesson?

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  1. Can you put that nasty tasting stuff on his thumb to prevent sucking for the next few weeks? Maybe that would help... Good luck lady!