Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Happy Anniversary, Mr. M!

7 years ago today was a Sunday, and I married Mr. M in front of God, our friends & our family.

Mr. M & I were talking on Sunday how quickly the time has flown.  Come January, we will have been together 10 years.  Oyie.  That means, Mr. M turns 40 next year, and I turn 35.  How did that happen?

And we still like each other, in addition to loving each other.  How's that for lucky?

One piece of advice I'd like to give the future version of J...

It hasn't always been easy.  I'm sure you will recall more than a fair share of raised voices.  You have two very strongly opinionated individuals for parents.  However, while we may not go about it in the same way (hence those loud voices), we both truly want what is best for our family - most especially you.

Mr. M... I love the person you have grown to become, and I'm still looking forward to sitting in that rocking chair with you in our 80's... Hopefully with grandchildren of our own to brighten our days & bring a youthful joy to our hearts.

Here's to another 60+ years...

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