Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mean - or... Just plain funny...

J has a tendency to say the funniest things... Especially when he is not intending to do so...

I wasn't going to post this here because it was one of those not the best Mommy moments, and while I had no problem sharing it with family today - recording it for J to read when he's older...

I mean, do I really need to his ammunition when he is a 13 year old hormonal, most likely sullen, striving for independence teenager?

Right, but because Grandma P said this was one of the funniest messages I've left her - I decided to reconsider... And to the future version of J, remember I love you & one day you will hopefully have kids & understand. 

So... J took a late afternoon nap on Sunday.  I knew it was trouble while it was happening, but it gave me the freedom to get groceries unpacked, table set for dinner & really a few quiet moments.  I took advantage.

And 4 hours later, after we've done dinner, shower & general bedtime.  J announced "Mommy I not sleepy". 

Great!  Fabulous.  Oh, and Mr. M - yeah, he's already asleep, so there was not even help from the peanut gallery.

Anyway, I put J down to sleep.  He needed it, even if he didn't think so.  And he proceeded to annoy the crap out of me.  Fake tickling me, grabbing books to read, doing anything to engage me & distract him from sleep.  By the way, it is really annoying when he uses books to distract from sleep, as it puts me in such a quandary of wanting him to have my love of books, and my immediate desire for him to sleep.  So I asked if he would like me to leave...

He said yes.

I knew he didn't mean it.  I knew it would lead to tears, but I also knew if I held out long enough (~15 mins), when I came back in, he'd settle down & go to sleep. 

So I left.  I went & packed my lunch.  I sat in plain sight of him & read my book.  Okay, so maybe I looked like I was reading, as I counted the seconds until I could go back in there & make the tears stop.

When all of the sudden J stopped fussing and said:

"Mommy.  Don't be mean Mommy."

Then the fussing resumed.

Seriously?  You cannot clearly tell me what you want for dinner half the time, but boy did you get that one out clear as day.

Thankfully, when I did join him a few minutes later - he climbed into bed & was asleep in mere moments.

I on the other hand was left pondering... Am I being mean?  Will he hate me when he is older for this?  All the wonderful self imposed mommy guilt ridden questions we ask ourselves...

So needless to say...  When Grandma P asked me "If this opened my eyes towards giving her some compassion over raising me?", I promptly responded with "Nope".

And that left us chuckling over the whole incident even more...

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  1. When my friends son learned the word mean, suddenly everything and everyone was mean. He would shout it at you "MEAN!" and all I could ever do was laugh...

    I think this is a pretty perfect mommy moment if you ask me! :)