Saturday, May 15, 2010


During my maternity leave with Jacob, I joined a Mommy Group.  It was wonderful, in that I was going a bit stir crazy at home.  I loved being with Jacob, but I needed interaction that went beyond hunger & dirty nappies.

I've since left the group, as working full time just pretty much kills the amount of time required by the group.  However, I've maintained a few friendships from my time within the group. 

One of them is Dottie's Mom, Laura.  And I truly enjoy getting together with here when we do, as our kiddos are close in age (like weeks), and we have a lot in common.

Last Friday, Laura & Dottie kindly hosted J & me for a play date. 

We got lucky & the kids were up for posing... 

Take - 1

Take - 2

Take - 3
Aren't they cute?

J couldn't be bothered with letting me do a Take - 4 of just him... He was too busy playing on the computer...  He was amazed by the large viewing screen...

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  1. Is this potential future wife material? :)